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      Our platform doesn’t have any fees. All we need is a signed Agreement Form verifying your project details and your commitment to reviewing the agencies we suggest.

      RankFirms is committed to suggesting the best partner for your business based on project requirements and our initial discussion with you. However, you’re not obligated to work with any of our selected agencies. If, after the initial call with the agencies, you choose not to proceed with one, you’re not required to continue communicating with them. 

      After your initial call with our RankFirms advisor and signing the Agreement Form, you can anticipate hearing from us within the next 7 – 10 business days with a detailed list of recommended agencies.

      If you wish to keep your project details confidential, you can ask for a signed NDA form from the shortlisted agencies. Provide the form after the initial email introduction but before scheduling any calls with them.

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